Fiesta Ware makes the best displays around the home. As mentioned in an earlier post the main reason we started Fiesta Exchange was to pass along extra items we found while out and about while looking for things we specifically wanted. This has brought about a desire from multiple people to see how we display stuff around the house. We spent a little time this weekend mailing out some orders and taking pictures of the way things are currently displayed. Of course this will change after the holiday as we switch stuff over to Christmas themes :)
Left Side Teacups - Split between left and right side of the china cabinet. Hard to display every color but these bird hooks from Hobby Lobby work very well, not to mention you will see a theme as you look at the pictures. My wife LOVES her birds.
Plate rack with Diner Luncheon Plates from Betty Crocker.
Right side with the rest of the bird hooks with Teacups.
Top of the cabinet
Over the entry way into the dining room
Smaller curio cabinet in dining room
Plate racks in dining room
Wall with Plate racks and curio cabinet
2nd China cabinet on same wall
Display on table and on wall over table, with more plate racks.
Plate Stand on Kitchen Counter
Pedro's on the Counter top.
Utensils and utility crocks by the stove
Plate rail over kitchen window
Refrigerator in the kitchen
Plate racks on the Kitchen wall
Tom and Jerry Mugs in the Kitchen
more kitchen wall display...
and finally even more Tom and Jerry hooks.
Thank you for looking and as you can see everything is FULL.
We love it though.

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