• LED Cabinet Lighting - Step By Step (ish)

    So the LED lighted cabinets have drawn a lot of attention and we have had plenty of people asking how to do it. This will be my attempt to show the parts and how I did it. I make no assumptions that this is the only way and am fairly sure that there might be a cleaner installation possible but this seems to me to be the easiest for most anybody to do with a minimal set of tools needed.
  • New Shelving Part 2

    This last week I installed some LED lighting that really makes the Fiesta Colors pop! I could not be happier with it. The amazing part was that it was very simple and cheap using a few things I found on Amazon.
  • New Shelving! Part 1

    So after many debates we finally decided on some new shelving to go in the living room. It has been a tough decision trying to figure out how best to fit them into what we already had in the living room and have a nice look.
  • Displays

    Fiesta Ware makes the best displays around the home. As mentioned in an earlier post the main reason we started Fiesta Exchange was to pass along e...
  • Inventory!!

    Well it has taken almost a month to get it all loaded but we have now added almost all of our inventory to the website. There have been many issues...
  • Getting Started

    What is on this website are the extras that I want to move to make room for finding more. My wife loves the collecting and I love the treasure hunting and finding. Right now as of 9/19/18 I have only managed to get about a 1/4 of the excess I have online. If there is something specific you are looking for let me know and I will see if it just is not listed yet. I will also look while I am out and about treasure hunting :)