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So recently it came to my attention that when you start collecting Fiesta and really get into the "Treasure Hunting" aspect of it. You will eventually find more than you really can possibly collect and display. Not to mention that there are times when you want a specific item for your collection but it comes with a bunch of other stuff. Well that stuff has to go somewhere! so I decided the best way was to try and spread it around to others who might be looking for their own treasures.

What is on this website are the extras that I want to move to make room for finding more. My wife loves the collecting and I love the treasure hunting and finding. Right now as of 9/19/18 I have only managed to get about a 1/4 of the excess I have online. If there is something specific you are looking for let me know and I will see if it just is not listed yet. I will also look while I am out and about treasure hunting :)


The Fiesta Exchange  

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