New Shelving! Part 1

So after many debates we finally decided on some new shelving to go in the living room. It has been a tough decision trying to figure out how best to fit them into what we already had in the living room and have a nice look. It took almost 2 months of looking and throwing around different ideas when I came across this smaller bookcase from Home Depot (Online Only - So don't run down and look for it) It fit our needs perfectly as it was not a tall bookcase and narrower than most. We also like the white as it shows the Fiesta colors very well. Here it is after my wife put her display in it.



The only issue we ran into was that it needed to have a plate channel cut into it to make it easier to display plates and make sure that Maya, Our 100lb Rhodesian Ridgeback did not shake things down as she runs through the house. I used a table saw to cut two parallel channels about 1 3/4" from the back at a shallow depth and I think it came out very well.

Here it is after just putting it together, nice accents. This shelf unit while not super fancy and made of composite is very solid and well put together. Especially when you consider that it costs less than $36 delivered right to your house!


With the shelves installed, they are adjustable and have three positions for each one. You can see the Plate Channels I cut into them. 

Close up of the Channels.

The only thing missing from these is lighting. In order to really get those Fiesta colors to pop I am installing some LED lighting next week. I will update this as I do so you can see what it looks like and maybe how I did it (hopefully it turns out ok).

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